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Technology is an essential tool for success. Your business can use technology as a strategic asset rather than simply treat it as an ongoing expense.

Jefric Consulting provides IT consulting services and custom technology solutions for Small Businesses and Medium Size Businesses. We are technology consultants and not just technicians; working with you to understand your business and help create a technology strategy that is aligned with your goals. A successful business and technology partnership can help you accomplish things that you may not have thought of.

Whether you are just starting out, have existing office technology or are thinking of expanding, we can help you sort through the options and discuss the possibilities that apply to your situation.

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Jefric Consulting is a Microsoft Registered Partner, a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and a Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner.

Located in Glen Rock - Bergen County, NJ. 


"No matter what your business - plumber, doctor, or candlestick maker - you need more technology to run your business today than last year or the year before. Years ago, phones, typewriters, and the Post Office provided your communications link to customers and suppliers. Today, multiply phones times computers, networks, cell phones, e-mail, file storage, Internet access, file backup, remote and mobile workers, along with the ever-increasing need to keep all this secure, and you have a giant pile of technology to manage just to keep your doors open.

The speed technological change causes grief, yet also provides new ways to get more value from voice and data communications between you and your customers and suppliers. Once you learn to avoid techno-quicksand by choosing the right technical goals and partners to help  you reach these goals, technology can once again disappear into the back-ground as your customers, and your continued growth and profits remains your focus."

Network World, 2008 - "Avoiding Techno-Quicksand", Alcatel-Lucent